A hillside trail leading through a bamboo grove in a park in Tokorozawa, Saitama

Dispatch № 64: No Plan, Best Plan

We lingered there for a time, suspended in the moment, before continuing on, enjoying the snails and mushrooms in the undergrowth, the swaying of the forest canopy, and the trickling of a hillside stream.

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Looking across the water in Kawasaki

Dispatch № 63: No Return

The already-slippery concept eventually all but entirely lost its meaning after years as an emigrant and only regained some of its significance years after settling in Japan.

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Rows of apartment buildings in western Saitama City, Japan

Dispatch № 60: Skyglow

Many years later, I laid down and gazed up from the floor of the Gobi Desert, a place with a sky so dark that the Milky Way practically slaps you in the face. There’s no missing it.

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Cherry blossoms at Ioji Temple

Dispatch № 58: Meandering

If you find yourself at an intersection with a choice between roads that seem equal, choose your bath based on something specifically arbitrary. Choose the street with the sauntering cat, for example, or the one with the yellow house.

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