Interior view of Jujo Ginza

Dispatch № 71: Troublesome Gaps

While it is entirely possible that, by the time we visit again, new buildings and businesses will occupy those spaces, it is also possible that they will remain empty for a long while.

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An abandoned house being consumed by plants in Higashi Iwatsuki, Saitama City

Dispatch № 52: Abandoned

They are often easy to identify, especially those drowning in vegetation. This is particularly true of those engulfed in the same infamous kudzu that is so reviled in the American South. Whole properties disappear under draped green carpets.

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An abandoned house wrapped in netting

Dispatch № 33: Keeping Contained

The netting may be loosely draped or cinched up tight. It depends on the building. The effect of the former is not unlike a veil, while the latter suggests something more like a corset. In either case, the purpose is the same: to prevent problems caused by falling debris.

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