(35.8854867, 139.6265611)

06:45 Give up on sleep, get up

06:50 Clean up cat poop, admonish cat

07:00 Begin preparing documents and everything else necessary to submit visa renewal papers, realize tax form still needed

08:30 Arrive at tax office

09:30 Depart tax office, document procured

09:50 Arrive at immigration office, realize ¥4,000 revenue stamp must be purchased

10:15 Return from post office with revenue stamp, get in the first line, realize passport has been left at home

11:10 Return from cycling 11km round-trip to retrieve passport

11:15 Get in the first line again, am told the wrong forms are wrong, given fresh forms, am told to go fill them out

11:55 Get back in first line with new forms, pass initial document check, receive number for waiting

12:40 Number called, documents accepted for review, asked to wait until name is called

13:15 Name is called, documents accepted, passport and ID card returned, told an additional five documents must be arranged by April 20

13:30 Get on the bike, ride 17km to work

14:50 Arrive at work, change clothes, start teaching

19:00 Last kids leave the school, vacuuming and mopping commence

19:30 Depart work, ride 18km home

20:40 Arrive at home, greet partner, pet cat

20:45 Eat first meal of the day

21:05 Work on documents

22:00 Take bath

22:30 Prep for Friday activities

23:35 Bed

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