Waiting to submit documents at the immigration office

Dispatch № 29: Log for 2021-04-08

06:45 Give up on sleep, get up 06:50 Clean up cat poop, admonish cat 07:00 Begin preparing documents and everything else necessary to submit visa renewal papers, realize tax form still needed

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Sakura in Tsuki Park the night I arrived in Japan

Dispatch № 27: 2,194 Days

Six years I’ve been in Japan. This last Wednesday was my sixth Japaniversary. Rather than reflect on the occasion in my usual way, though, I thought I’d expore that time through numbers.

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Night view of Yamabiko Kids Park, Nerima Ward, Tokyo

Dispatch № 2: Meanderlust

Sneakers are a more powerful antidepressant than any drug. When loneliness intensifies or panic attacks cause the walls to close in, I strike out. All I need are my shoes and the knowledge that, as long as I keep moving, the shadows can’t catch up.

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My boarding pass for Delta flight DL296, Shanghai to Narita, on the day I moved to Japan. 2015-03-31

Dispatch № 1: Trusting the Gut

For thirteen years before I boarded Delta flight DL296 from Shanghai to Narita, the journey lived at the back of my mind. It was always there, calling out to me, thrusting itself into my conscious awareness through any gap it could to color my thoughts with longing.

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