Interior view of Jujo Ginza

Dispatch № 71: Troublesome Gaps

While it is entirely possible that, by the time we visit again, new buildings and businesses will occupy those spaces, it is also possible that they will remain empty for a long while.

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Rows of apartment buildings in western Saitama City, Japan

Dispatch № 60: Skyglow

Many years later, I laid down and gazed up from the floor of the Gobi Desert, a place with a sky so dark that the Milky Way practically slaps you in the face. There’s no missing it.

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Trains passing at Hamamatsucho Station in Tokyo

Dispatch № 45: Repeater

So why would I choose not only to board the train when I don’t really need to, but also remain in my seat for at least one full trip around the loop?

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He appeared, gave us gifts, and disappeared again

Dispatch № 42: Chicken and Beer

It was just before Christmas and my friend and I were hanging out in Ikebukuro, an area on the north side of Tokyo. We had been wandering around aimlessly and were outside a convenience store when a man approached us.

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